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Second phase of Phillips Recreation Center renovation underway

March 23, 2018 02:45 PM

Look for more changes coming to Phillips Recreation Center this spring and summer as the Urbana Park District starts sprucing up the property.

The first phase is finished. Workers put in new flooring, paint and wayfinding signs. The Park District purchased new lobby furniture and window treatments for the entire facility.

Derek Liebert, Superintendent of Planning and Operations at Urbana Park District, said the second phase of Phillips Recreation Center renovations will focus outside.

“We’ve stained and painted the siding several times. It has deteriorated to the point it needs to be replaced,” Liebert said. He added, “Landscaping around facility has grown up against the building and is contributing to moisture issues and deterioration.  The new landscape plan features improved varieties of plants, shrubs, and trees; plus many native pollinator selected species.”

People should also look for a better, safer parking lot, according to Liebert. “The landscaping at the parking lots has similarly begun to decline,” he said. “The parking lot bushes were dying and were on top of underground electric wires that prohibited us from digging them out. Elsewhere, plants that could be salvaged and transplanted were used elsewhere in the district.”

This fall and into next year, workers will continue to renovate the interior at Phillips Recreation Center and in 2019 the Park District will install a new playground.

“We thank people for their patience as we renovate Phillips Recreation Center and improve their experience,” Liebert concluded.


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