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See what's living in your back yard!

May 6, 2020 12:22 PM

What is living outside your home? How many species can you find?

As we shelter-in-place, let’s find out what else is living right outside! This project, sponsored by the Urbana Park District, is for anyone in Champaign and surrounding counties. All you have to do is start observing plants and animals outside your window or in your yard.

You can observe or record any species (native, ornamental, or non-native) at any time, but each week of the CU Backyard BioBlitz is themed to help narrow your focus.

  • May 3-9: Plants, mushrooms & fungi, mosses, lichens
  • May 10-16: Birds
  • May 17-23: Bugs and other invertebrates
  • May 24-30: Mammals, reptiles and amphibians

This project is using iNaturalist to record the species we find. Download the app at the following links:


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