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Summer Arts Camp makes TV debut

Kids attending the Summer Arts Camp Week Six this month, got to learn how to produce and star in a TV program, and people can check out their work on Urbana Public Television (UPTV).

"During culinary week of Summer Arts Camp, we had a visiting artist work with our campers to create TV personalities," said Niki Hoesman, Community Program Coordinator.

She continued, "The campers created characters, wrote scripts, and performed pieces as if they were hosting or competing in their own cooking show. They weren’t given any props, everything was imaginary, so this challenge allowed for a lot of creativity and imagination. They did such a great job! We were in contact with UPTV and they were able to help us film the cooking shows."

Five groups of campers created their own TV shows and they are available to view on UPTV’s YouTube channel.

"The campers were thrilled to be able to be on TV and worked so hard, all week, to complete their projects. We are grateful to UPTV for filming the shows," Hoesman concluded.


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