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Summer campers share their art with local co-op

August 16, 2021 02:17 PM

If you happen to stop by the Common Ground Food Co-Op in the coming days, you’ll be able to see an art display created by Urbana Park District summer camp kids.

“One of the Camp Supervisors, Devyn Clay, had the idea of having the kids’ pictures put up in the co-op art gallery.  Camp leader Mark Brown, who was also an employee at Common Ground at the time, was able to pull a few connections and both staff worked together to plan a date and time we can have the art displayed,” explained Matt Lewis, Community Program Coordinator at the park district.

At first, the kids were reluctant to part with their creations. Lewis said, “At first, most of the Campers were hesitant about it as this was one of the first few projects that wasn’t a take home project. But, the vast majority of them visit Common Ground, and became happy once they were in the actual place and hung up their pictures.”

Perhaps the most important thing the campers learned was to do something nice and share it with others. Lewis commented, “The ones that were doubtful at the beginning began to come around and realize they were making many more people happy by sharing their pictures. Leading up to when they were putting up their pictures was the peak of their enjoyment and they all left Common Ground feeling accomplished and thrilled knowing their project will be hung up there for others to see.”

The summer camp display is in the Common Ground Food Co-Op Community Room.




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