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Tell the Park District your thoughts about the future of athletic courts, fields and amenities

November 23, 2022 02:57 PM

Urbana Park District invites the community to take an online survey to tell planners their thoughts about the future of the park district's outdoor courts, fields and amenities.

"The construction of the Urbana Park District Health & Wellness Center is coming to Prairie Park in 2023," said Kara Dudek-Mizel, Park Planner. She continued, "This facility will offer an array of recreational and wellness opportunities. This construction means removal of the two Prairie Park softball fields. The baseball field and soccer fields will remain."

Dudek-Mizel commented that the Health and Wellness project is a perfect time to look at the big picture. She said, "The park district is taking this opportunity to holistically look at outdoor athletics and wellness opportunities across the district to determine where resources should be used to build new fields/courts or invest into improving existing. It is also an opportunity to take a closer look at the combined Weaver and Prairie parks."

The survey takes 15-minutes to complete. Those who complete it can enter to receive a Meijer gift card. 

The park district needs public input in planning the future. "This survey is the first in a variety of input opportunities, to solicit general insights on what people would like to see in the outdoor parks system and requesting information about barriers to use or entry," Dudek-Mizel said.

She concluded, "We know community members are busy, but survey responses really help with future planning and projects for the Urbana Park District."


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