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Think warm thoughts and buy pool passes and memberships

Even though we’re in the grip of winter Urbana Park District offers several chances for you to enjoy swimming.

"The Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center is open to the public for lap swim for people over age 15 and recreational swimming for all ages," said Leslie Radice, Aquatics Manager. "And, people can start planning their summer swim outings now."

The Park District has pool membership for both the indoor pool and Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center. "They can buy a membership for just one pool or a membership for both pools," Radice explained.

"If families or individuals really enjoy swimming, they should buy memberships to both pools so they can swim year round."

The Park District also sells punch cards, good for five or 10 visits a punch. "The punch cards are a great value because people actually pay less on a punch card than an individual entrance fee," Radice added.


Radice concluded, “The warm weather will be here soon, I promise! We want people to know that they belong at our pools, so we hope they think warm thoughts and enjoy aquatics all year.”

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