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Toddlers get their own time at the indoor pool

Kids age five and under have a special time to enjoy the pool with their families at Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center this fall.

From now through October 18, the indoor pool will host Toddler Swim Time, Monday – Thursday from 8 – 11 a.m.

"Kids age five and under are free and it costs $4 for people age four and up," said Leslie Radice, Aquatics Manager, Urbana Park District.

"The leisure pool will be open for parents and their young kids," she continued. "Children can learn and explore the water in a relaxing and calm atmosphere."

One big advantage to Toddler Swim Time is fewer people are at the pool, and parents can get in the water with the kids without bigger kids playing and splashing.

"It allows parents to focus on their child without them being overstimulated," Radice said.

People can call (217) 384-7665 for more information.

Radice concluded, "We want young families to know that they belong at Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center and we hope they take advantage of Toddler Swim Time."


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