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Two great chances to prowl for owls in February


Urbana Park District is offering two “Owl Prowls” through Busey Woods this month.

One prowl is for all ages and the other prowl is exclusively for adults. The dates are:

  • Adults Only Owl Prowl (age 15 and up) – Saturday, February 22, 5 – 7 p.m.
  • Owl prowl For All (age 6 and up) – Friday, February 28, 5 – 7 p.m.

“Busey Woods provides excellent habitat for owls,” explained Savannah Donovan, Environmental Public Program Coordinator. “I’m pretty certain that there are some living in Busey Woods right now.”

Both owl prowls will begin with a presentation about native Illinois owls inside Anita Purves Nature Center. Then participants will go on a hike to call for wild owls and listen for their reply. After the hike, people can warm up inside with hot cocoa and meet the nature center’s resident screech owls up-close.

“The primary difference between the two programs is that we have a real Ornithologist from the Illinois Natural History Survey coming to lead the adult program. But participants of the all-ages program will have the opportunity to dissect and take home real owl pellets, so both program will have their perks,” Donovan explained.

Space is limited for both programs, so pre-register soon by calling 217-367-1544. Register for the Adults Only Owl Prowl by February 15 and the Owl Prowl for All by February 21 in order to get the early bird rate!

For both prowls, people should dress for cold, wet or slippery conditions.

“Owls are fascinating! If you don’t yet understand how well-adapted they are to winter and to nocturnal life, you will walk away amazed,” Donovan concluded.


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