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Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center resolving air and water temperature issues

The Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center has been experiencing temperature control issues. While the lap swim (competition) pool remains open, the activity (kids) pool is closed until the water warms up.

"We are having a problem with the boilers that heat the activity pool," said Leslie Radice, aquatics manager. "The current water temperature is 73-degrees which is too cold. We are have the parts and are repairing the boilers now and will re-open the activity pool when the water warms up."

The competition pool water temperature is holding at 82-degrees.

The air temperature on the pool deck is also chilly. "We have found that the issue was with a louver on our PoolPak unit.  We have reached out to the appropriate companies to help us with this situation.  It should be resolved soon and the air temperature will balance itself out," Radice explained.

To recap: The competition pool is open for normal public and lap swim hours, but the activity pool is closed until the water warms up.

Radice will email pool members when the issues are corrected and Urbana Park District will also inform the public.

Radice added, "Unfortunately we cannot predict when things like this will happen, even though we watch all of our mechanical systems closely."

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