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Urbana Park District Advisory Committee celebrates golden anniversary

June 17, 2021 11:17 AM

Urbana Park District relies on input from its citizens, and for 50-years, the Urbana Park District Advisory Committee (UPDAC) has delivered that advice to park district administrators.

UPDAC is a citizen-led advisory board that’s appointed by the Urbana Park District Board of Commissioners. Several commissioners got their start at UPDAC.

“Over the past 50-years, hundreds of residents of Urbana sat on UPDAC and given excellent advice to us and have helped steer the future of the park district,” said Tim Bartlett, Executive Director of Urbana Park District.

Some of UPDAC’s many contributions to the Urbana Park District include the development of the Anita Purves Nature Center and the establishment of environmental education and conservation as core values of the District. Bartlett added, “UPDAC has also advised us on various park improvements and major infrastructure projects.”

At the June Regular Board Meeting, the Urbana Park District Board of Commissioners voted to name the new outdoor learning pavilion at Crystal Lake Park the ‘UPDAC Outdoor Learning Pavilion’ in honor of UPDAC’s milestone anniversary. Once built, the park district will hold a dedication ceremony at the pavilion.

In the meantime, an UPDAC reunion to celebrate the 50th anniversary is being planned for August 24, at Crystal Lake Park.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to UPDAC for its service over the years. They have helped steer the park district the way the community wants to go, making for a harmonious relationship between Urbana Park District and its residents,” Bartlett said.

Anyone wishing to serve on UPDAC can call the park district administration office at (217) 367-1536.


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