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Urbana Park District Advisory Committee needs you!

May 26, 2022 03:42 AM

For over 50 years, the Urbana Park District Advisory Committee (UPDAC) has given advice to park district leadership about several issues and helped determine the future of the park district.

Now, UPDAC needs more people to volunteer for this committee.

UPDAC members are chosen for appointment based on their interest in UPD issues, and their ability and willingness to represent their neighborhood. Each member is also chosen based on geography. Ideally, the commissioners would like to have the membership of UPDAC reflect Urbana as a whole, with representation from all areas of the district.

People apply to be on UPDAC, are interviewed and appointed by the board of commissioners. UPDAC members do not have to run for election. They are appointed for one, three-year term.

The meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of the month for 10 months, usually lasting 90-minutes.

Since its inception, UPDAC has been a training ground for members who have become more interested and eventually chose to run for election as a park district commissioner. Their background with and experience on UPDAC has made them better commissioners and more fully aware of the operation of and responsibilities of the district and its operation. UPDAC has become a very critical component in the planning and operation of the park district.

Call Kelsey Beccue at (217) 367-1536 with questions, or download the application.

Be a part in helping shape the future of Urbana Park District by joining UPDAC!


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