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Urbana Park District committed to making sure all kids attend programs and camps

When it comes to kids and families registering for camps, classes and programs at Urbana Park District, money will not be a barrier.

Urbana Park District leadership is committed to letting everyone participate regardless of ability to pay.

“We have a scholarship program to help offset registration costs,” said Caty Roland, Business Manager. She continued, “Historically, scholarships have been funded by donations, but over the years, as requests have grown, and donations have decreased, the donations have not even close to covered the requests coming in.”

That’s where the taxpaying public comes into play. “Program areas use tax revenue to help offset costs. Taxpayer dollars help low-income kids attend Park District programming,” Roland explained.

Thanks to a combination of donations to the youth scholarship fund and tax revenue, Urbana Park District helped fund 100-percent of scholarship requests in the last year.

Corky Emberson, Superintendent of Recreation, says the youth scholarship program is a vital part of the community. “Quite simply, without the youth scholarship fund, fewer kids would be able to attend our camps and programs,” he commented. “The entire Urbana Park District leadership is grateful to all who donate to help our kids, and we are grateful to all taxpayers.”

People wanting to donate to the Urbana Park District Youth Scholarship fund can call Park District administrators at (217) 367-1536.

Emberson concluded, “Everyone belongs at Urbana Park District programs regardless of ability to pay, and we’ll work hard to make sure that’s always the case.”

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