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Urbana Park District excited to announce a new five-year strategic plan

The Urbana Park District Board of Commissioners voted September 10 to accept a new, five-year strategic plan that outlines district vision and goals from now until 2024.

“This is our first strategic plan since 2007,” said Kara Dudek, Park Planner. “We’re very excited to work toward new goals as a district.”

Dudek continued, “The goal of this strategic plan was to make it concise, relatable, engaging, and easy to read. We invite the public to read our plan.”

The 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan focuses on four pillars:

  • You Belong Here promotes the creation of welcoming and supportive park and recreation experiences for everyone, while encouraging an inclusive and responsive staff culture.
  • Placemaking features the design and creation of accessible, vibrant and engaging spaces that inspire health and recreation.
  • Health & Wellness reinforces the Urbana Park District's commitment to providing parks, programs, facilities and events that promote all dimensions of wellness.
  • Trails & Connectivity highlights the establishment of multiuse paths within parks for transportation and recreation, while creating park-wide, neighborhood, community and regional connections.

“The plan breaks down each pillar and commits the Park District to specific goals and projects to make this plan a success,” Dudek added.

Urbana Park District Executive Director, Timothy Bartlett is eager apply the strategic plan. “This plan involves every department and every employee in the Park District. All have a part to play,” he said.

“What I and the Park District Board of Commissioners like about this plan is that it creates a concrete road map for the Park District to follow,” Bartlett said.

He added, “The most important aspect of this plan, is that we established the pillars and goals around the community’s unmet needs developed through public input. At the end of five years, people will see how the vision has moved the park district forward.”

For more information about the Urbana Park District Strategic Plan, the public can read it online at

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