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Urbana Park District lowering Crystal Lake water level as park improvements begin

The Urbana Park District is installing a multiuse path along the south side (Park Street) of Crystal Lake Park. In order to do so, the Park District will need to lower the water level at Crystal Lake.

“We need to regrade the lake edge along Park Street in order to build the ten-foot wide path, it is currently very tight at the corner” said Kara Dudek, Park Planner. “In order to do that, we need to lower the lake level between six and seven feet.”

“Some trees and shrubs, many invasive, will be removed as part of the project. We will plant new growth and make for a safer and more inviting corner at Park and Broadway,” Dudek explained.

Contractors will also grade other portions of the shoreline at Crystal Lake to make sure it can still hold the same amount of water after changes along Park Street. “We want to make sure the work guards against increased flooding,” Dudek explained.

The Park District is paying for this project with a grant from the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program. Carle Hospital generously provided the grant match for a total of $537,000. (See a rendering of the completed project at the corner of Park Street and Broadway Avenue below.)

Dudek concluded, “It's exciting to have this path being built. It will provide a huge missing piece of trail in Crystal Lake Park. We can't wait to invite those who will walk, jog, wheel and safely enjoy the park.”

For more information about Crystal Lake Park improvements, see this episode of Mark in the Park, a program at airs on Urbana Public Television.


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