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Urbana Park District needs you to help plan future

When planning a trip, people first need to know where they are going and then plan how to get there. That simple rule also applies for Urbana Park District as it lays out plans for the next several years.

"Our last strategic plan was in 2007 and it has served us well," said Tim Bartlett, Executive Director at Urbana Park District. "We have completed all of our highest priorities and now it’s time to cast a vision for the future," he added

"We recommend a five-year strategic plan which is closely aligned with our capital funding plan," Bartlett explained. "And, we want the public to have a say in what our future looks like."

Bartlett continued, "While everything is out on the table, there are topics we’re looking for even more specific input on. These include the Crystal Lake rehabilitation project, Weaver Park trailhead for the Kickapoo Rail Trail, health and fitness initiative to facilitate a healthier community, and the park district’s effort to reach more, often underrepresented, residents of Urbana."

The Park District will spend most of this summer gathering public input. "We will be out at community events, asking people their opinions about the Park District and what programs and facilities they need," said Bartlett. "Our staff and board have listened to the community over the past two years to determine want can be offered in Urbana. We want to get some feedback on our options. We want to hear from our residents," Bartlett added.

People can find out the latest planning news online, take a Park District survey online or visit Urbana Park District staff at community events.

After the public input session, Park District planners will use people’s opinions to form a new strategic plan and unveil it in early 2019.

“You belong at Urbana Park District, and your thoughts belong in our Strategic Plan,” Bartlett concluded.

Photo: Urbana Park District staff gather strategic planning ideas from the public at Strawberry Jam.


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