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Urbana Park District receives 2.5 million dollar state grant to help build a new health and wellness facility

March 16, 2021 03:16 PM

Governor Pritzker announced 17 Illinois Park and Recreational Facility Construction Grant Program (PARC) winners, including Urbana Park District.

The park district applied for a $2.5 million grant to build a new Urbana Indoor Recreation and Fitness Center. Today, the park district received news that it received the grant.

“We are thrilled and grateful that the state awarded Urbana Park District this grant,” said Tim Bartlett, Executive Director of Urbana Park District.  “This is a very competitive process, and we are glad the state found our health and wellness facility plans worthy of support,” he added.

The park district plans on building a new health and wellness facility in east Urbana on property it already owns. The facility will be a community gathering place that provides programs for indoor recreation and fitness.

“This grant will help allow us to build a complete building and that fully meets the needs of the community. Today’s news helps move our vision off the drawing board and one step closer to reality,” Bartlett said.

People can follow Urbana Park District on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more news as this project goes forward.

“2021 promises to be an exciting year for Urbana Park District as we take a big step forward in providing new health and wellness options for people where they live,” Bartlett concluded.


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