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Urbana Park District wants you to take a child outside this September

September 1, 2021 04:27 AM

We all know that it is important to get outdoors. Now that kids are back in school, it is vital for them to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

That’s why Urbana Park District is taking part in Take a Child Outside Week from September 17 – 24.

“We will be offering several activities for everyone,” said David Subers, Environmental Public Program Coordinator. “The activities include an outdoor movie night, play dates with nature, a log-busters walk, fort building, and an outdoor family classroom”

Many of these activities are free. For a complete breakdown see the nature program section of the Fall 2021 Urbana Park District Program Guide.

“Going outside is good for people physically, emotionally and mentally,” Subers said. He concluded, “We hope Take a Child Outside Week, inspires everyone to make outside activity part of their everyday life. Everyone is welcome to our activities later this month!”


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