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Wandell Sculpture Garden kicks off silver anniversary celebration!

September 8, 2022 09:00 AM

The Urbana Park District is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Meadowbrook Park Wandell Sculpture Garden in 2022 - 2023.

The celebration kicks off September 9, with the Jazz Walk

This fall, visitors can check out new sculptures on loan to the park district:

  • Awake - Micki LeMieux
  • Into Thy Hands - Janet Austin
  • The Gifting Angel - Jon Isherwood
  • After Giverny - Jon Isherwood
  • Sherpa II - Harry Gordon

Former Urbana Park District Executive Director, Robin Hall, envisioned the Wandell Sculpture Garden 25-years ago. "It's had such great support from the community and the staff has been very supportive. It is a real community effort," Hall commented.

The goal of the Wandell Sculpture Garden is for people to enjoy natural areas, and public art at the same time. "Our ongoing hope is that we have a continuing dialogue about public art - what it means to people, how it improves their lives and whether they like the actual piece or not," said Tim Bartlett, Executive Director, Urbana Park District. 

People have an easy way to find the public art in the park district. They can check out the Arts & Sculpture Tour to find the works of art and learn more about the piece and the artist. The Arts & Sculpture Tour will be updated soon to include the new works mentioned above.

Be sure to follow the park district on social media for more interesting and fun silver anniversary celebrations this coming year at Wandell Sculpture Garden.








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