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Work at Leal Park resumes - will allow more accessibility

July 15, 2020 02:29 PM

Contractors have resumed work at Leal Park, after getting permission from state authorities. The park district halted the project after the contractor uncovered grave stones dating back over 150-years.

Leal Park is also home to the Darius E. Phebus building, the Urbana Park District administration building.

The Leal Park project will add seven new parking spaces, plus a new accessible space. The project will also add an accessible path from the parking lot to the administration building.

The project re-started this week after an archaeological review of the area.  The stones will be returned to their original location and reburied.  The district worked to redesign the parking lot in order to preserve the buried stones in-place.

“We are glad to see the project move forward after receiving approval from the State Historical Preservation Office.” Said Andy Rousseau, Project Manager.

The park district hopes contractors finish the project by the end of August.


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