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Workers making progress on Crystal Lake Park pathway

Construction at Crystal Lake Park in Urbana has continued to progress, as weather permits. Workers are building a 10-foot-wide, multi-use path along Park Street. To do so, they had to lower the park lake to get machinery in to properly move the dirt.

Andy Rousseau, Park District Project Manager, says so far things are on schedule for completion this summer. “Curb and ramp work throughout the project site is wrapping up.   Entry into the eastern lake house parking lot is complete and open for public traffic.  Heavy earthwork around the shoreline will be underway soon, and will be followed up by landscaping.  Once that is completed, UPD staff will be able to allow the lake to rise again, as fast as the weather allows.  We do not anticipate any other road closures for this project,” Rousseau reported.

"This work is funded through the ITEP grant, a federally funded grant that is administered by IDOT.  Our local match has been generously provided by Carle Hospital.  We are looking forward to opening up the multi-use path along Park St. for better connectivity in the park and surrounding neighborhood.” Rousseau concluded.


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