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Workers to remove algae from Crystal Lake Park this week

June 7, 2021 12:36 PM

Urbana Park District’s contracted lake management company will be removing algae from Crystal Lake and treating the lake with algae herbicide this week.

The algae removal will not impact boat rentals or other lake activities.

“High level nutrients is what contributes to the algae growth.  Elimination of the algae as part of this process helps to physically remove the stored nutrients that are in the lake,” said Andy Rousseau, Project Manager for Urbana Park District.

Workers will manually remove the algae from the lake and the park district will haul it away. After that, workers will apply an aquatic herbicide to remove the remaining algae.

Look for this algae work at the lake this Wednesday through Thursday.

People with more questions about algae removal at Cristal Lake Park can call Rousseau at (217) 344-9583.


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