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Big changes coming to Crystal Lake Park

Crystal Lake Park is open to the public, but visitors will notice lots of machinery as the next phase of park improvements gets underway.

“We are installing a 10 foot wide multiuse path along Park Street,” said Kara Dudek, Park Planner. “In order to do that, contractors will be doing substantial construction and earth-moving at the corner of Park and Broadway to make room for the new path.”

The work will take place over the next several weeks. “People will have to be alert for workers and machinery at Crystal Lake Park. The contractor will have the work areas clearly marked,” Dudek said.

Earlier this month, Urbana Park District lowered the water level at Crystal Lake so workers could create enough space for the path at the corner. Once the construction is complete, the Park District will allow the water levels to rise to normal levels.

“We thank the public for their patience and understanding during this construction project. We think our park visitors will really enjoy the changes once all the work is complete,” Dudek concluded.


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