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Community encouraged to give input about a new Urbana Park District Indoor Health & Wellness Center


Urbana Park District invites the public to Phillips Recreation Center from 4 – 6 p.m., on December 4, to give input about what amenities and programs they want to see in a health and wellness facility.

The park district is currently studying a site location and conceptual plans for the facility.

“Urbana—like many communities in Illinois and the US—is facing a health crisis,” said Timothy Bartlett, Executive Director, Urbana Park District. He added, “Champaign County Public Health Department’s on-going health monitoring indicates that a high number of Urbana residents face chronic obesity, heart disease, mental health disorders, community violence, socio-economic challenges and a lack of recreation services for underrepresented groups in our community.”

The park district has been considering the need for a health and wellness facility for over five years. The newly adopted Strategic Plan calls on the Park District to improve and expand upon indoor health and wellness space for the community.

“Over the past two years both park district staff, board and advisory committee members began visiting other community health and wellness centers to learn more about what these types of facilities can do to improve overall community health,” Bartlett explained.

Before the park district breaks ground, planners want to hear from the people who will use the facility.

“The Urbana Park District always works to include input in our projects, and this is a very large and important one, so it is imperative to get direct and detailed input from the community,” said Kara Dudek, Park Planner.

As 2020 begins, park district staff will continue to work with the public and design consultants to create conceptual plans, fundraise and move towards construction.

“We have a significant opportunity to apply for a state grant in January, refinanced existing bonds to generate new funds (taxes will not be raised in the community), and continue to look for partners and donors,” Bartlett said.

“This project will truly transform health and wellness in Urbana,” Bartlett said. “It is important to hear from the public about what they want in a facility and we hope many people participate in our input session December 4.”


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