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Dog Park members will need a new key fob to enter park

Urbana Park District has installed an electric gate system at the Urbana Dog Park. Members will need a new key fobs to enter the park. Current members were sent a letter with details about the gate and fob system.

“The new gate system builds a new level of security for Dog Park members,” said Judy Miller, Environmental Program Manager. “Members will get a new key fob to access the park, and they may buy additional fobs if needed. Only paying members, who have dogs with current vaccinations, will have access to the park. Visitors may buy a monthly trial membership at the Phillips Center as well.”

Key fobs are available at Phillips Recreation Center beginning August 30. “Current and new members need to get a fob at Phillips,” Miller explained.

The new gate lock will go live on September 16; so members will need a fob beginning September 16 to access the park.

Dog Park memberships are $41, plus $10 for one key fob. For people living outside of the Urbana or Champaign Park District’s boundaries, it is $61, plus the fob fee. Each additional dog is $6. Membership is year-to-date of purchase. The Park District activates the fobs on the day people become members.

Dog owners must bring proof that their dog has current rabies and distemper vaccinations.

If people have any questions about membership or the key fobs, they can call Phillips Recreation Center at (217) 367-1544.

“People belong at our parks, and that includes our furry, four-legged friends,” Miller said. “The Dog Park is ten-acres of a central wooded area surrounded by wide open field. Dog owners and their pets get exercise, have fun, and even meet new human and dog friends.”


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