Dog Park/Perkins Rd. Site


Dog Park/Perkins Rd. Site

Location: 1501 E. Perkins Rd., Urbana, IL
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About the Park:

Acres: 60

The Perkins Rd Site and the Dog Park are on land leased from the Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District (UCSD). This location is home to both the Urbana Dog Park and to an in-progress natural areas restoration. Free parking for the dog park is just off Perkins Road. See an aerial site map.


  • Portable Restroom
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Parking
    – Gravel parking lot with on accessible, concrete parking space

Dog Park

The Dog Park was developed in 2003 with the assistance of the Dog Park Advisory Committee and numerous private donors. The 10-acre area is especially for dogs to run off leash and is open from sunrise to sunset. It has a shaded grove of trees and lots of open meadow areas. This park provides a fun place for your dog to romp with other dogs and for you to meet and get to know other dog owners. The site has running water Spring through Fall and two separate fenced in areas, including a smaller area for timid dogs.

Perkins Road Site Restoration

The Urbana Park District is in the process of restoring the natural areas of the lower 35 acres with the assistance of the UCSD and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This area is not currently accessible to the public due to rehabilitation project. In the future this area will host native plantings, educational programs, bird watching and recreation opportunities.

Park Hours

The Dog Park is open daily sunrise to sunset. For security of all members, please do not visit the park after dark. Membership, which includes a gate fob, is required to enter the park.

Dog Park Membership:

Memberships are available on a yearly basis from the date of purchase at the Phillips Recreation Center; 505 W Stoughton, Urbana. Online registration is not possible at this time. The following is required:

  1. A completed and signed membership form, which is available at the Phillips Recreation Center or click here to save or print a fillable membership form. 
  2. Proof of current vaccinations from your vet, showing proof of distemper and rabies vaccination. Your vet may fax these documents to the Phillips Recreation Office at 217-367-1592 or email them to
  3. Payment: 
    1. ​​In person: Pay by cash, check, or credit card.
    2. By mail: Include a check with your membership form.
    3. By phone: Staff will call you for your credit card once they have received the completed membership form and necessary documentation. DO NOT email your credit card information.

Reciprocal Agreement: The Urbana Park District and Champaign Park District have a reciprocal agreement that allows for a resident of one district to participate in programs and services of the other district at the resident rate.

Your membership will include a fob to open the electronic gate at the Urbana Dog Park entrance. It will be mailed to you if you register by mail or phone. The Urbana Park District is not responsible for fobs lost through the mail. It is active through the duration of your membership, unless park use is revoked. You may purchase additional fobs to share with family members. Replacement fobs are $10/fob. 

Only active members have working fobs. Do not open the gate for others. If your fob does not work, call 217-367-1544. 

Membership Fees

  • One dog: $46
  • Each Additional Dog: $6
  • Fob Fee: $10 each

Monthly Trial Visitor Passes

Daily passes are not offered. Visitors may purchase a monthly trial visitor pass for $10. If in that month, the patron wishes to purchase a year's membership, their trial pass fee will be applied toward an annual membership fee. All rules and membership requirements are expected.

See the Membership Manual for complete rules and other important information.

To become a member, complete the Dog Park Membership Form and turn it in at the Phillips Recreation Center; 505 W Stoughton, Urbana.

Join the Dog Park e-newsletter list and receive information about the Dog Park, as well as dog community events, dog training information, and tips about dog care.

Two Memberships for a Discount!

The Champaign Park District operates the Bark Park on the corner of Windsor and Rising Roads. The two park districts have an agreement that allows members to purchase a Bark Park gate fob for just $10. Members must take a copy of the membership receipt to the Champaign Park District to register for the additional dog park access. Rules for both parks are the same.


Dog Park Rules

When you complete and sign the membership form, you agree to abide by the following rules. Infraction of any rules can result in temporary or permanent loss of park privileges.

  1. The dog owner agrees to assume the full risk of any injuries, damages or loss connected with or associated with the use of the Dog Park. Owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs and may be subject to state laws and local ordinances concerning dangerous or vicious dogs.
  2. Annual membership is for year-to-date of purchase. Membership is not pro-rated of refundable.
  3. All dogs must be current with required vaccination and be registered with the county.
  4. Registered member dogs must wear county registration tags. Members must carry a photo ID with them and present upon request.
  5. Dogs must be leashed while entering and exiting the park. Member must have a leash at all times. Please remove pinch (prong) collars and spike collars from dogs before entering the park. Other dogs can be injured while playing.
  6. Dogs may not be left unattended or out of sight range or voice command. A member age 16 or older must be present at all times and is solely responsible for the actions of their dog(s). Always keep an eye on your dog. Never leave your dog unattended.
  7. Children must be at least 6 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter the park. Some dogs exhibit unpredictable behavior around small children.
  8. Dogs that exhibit vicious, fierce, aggressive, or dangerous behavior are not permitted in the park. If your dog becomes unruly or aggressive toward other dogs, you must leash your dog and exit the enclosure immediately. Excessive barking is strongly discouraged.
  9. Female dogs in heat are not permitted in the park.
  10. Dogs less than 4 months old are not permitted in the park. Puppies are not fully vaccinated and are vulnerable to disease and injury.
  11. Cooperation between members is expected and required.
  12. Members must immediately pick up after their dog(s). Bags and trash cans are provided for waste disposal.
  13. Food (people food, dog food or dog treats) is not allowed in the park. Many owners do not feed treats and some dogs may be allergic. Food may also make a dog aggressive.
  14. Smoking is not permitted inside the Dog Park. Cigarette butts can be dangerous if swallowed.
  15. Members are limited to three dogs per visit.
  16. Maintenance needs of the site will vary based on weather and use. You may be asked to leave the Dog Park during maintenance activities.
  17. Dogs, owners, and users creating a disturbance or violating posted rules must leave the dog park if requested by law enforcement personnel, park personnel, or their designated agents.
  18. Infraction of any of these rules can result in temporary or permanent loss of park privileges.