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Dogs need exercise even when the weather is cold

October 26, 2020 04:25 PM

Urbana Park District reminds dog owners that their furry family members need exercise even when the weather is colder.

The Urbana Park District Dog Park at 1501 E. Perkins Road, is open for dogs all year.

“Our 10-acre dog park has open running areas and shaded areas,” said Judy Miller, Environmental Program Manager. “It is a great place to exercise your dog and also meet fellow dog owners.”

The park features a secure entrance to insure that only dog park members have access.

“Dog owners need proof that their pet is up to date on vaccinations,” Miller added.

It costs $51 total for a dog park membership for Urbana residents ($41 for the membership and $10 for a secure access fob). They can fill out an online registration form and turn it in, in person, at Phillips Recreation Center in Urbana.

Urbana Park District and Champaign Park District have a reciprocal agreement with their dog parks. With a separate fee for the other dog park gate fob, an Urbana Dog Park member may also use the Champaign Park District Dog Park and vice versa.

Miller said, “Everyone is welcome to register for a membership at the Urbana Dog Park, providing their dog is properly vaccinated and members follow the posted park rules. We look forward to serving dog owners and their four-legged family members.”


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