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Now is a great time to take a hike at Urbana Park District

October 14, 2020 03:30 PM

October is a great month to take a hike and enjoy the fall beauty at Urbana Park District.

“To see fall color, walking in both neighborhood parks like Carle Park and natural areas like Busey Woods a sure bets,” said Judy Miller, Environmental Program Manager.

Miller says this month is an excellent time to look for wildlife, especially birds. She added, “Busey Woods and Crystal Lake Park are prime local birder locations during migration. You may catch a few Champaign County Audubon Members out birding in the early hours of the day.  For wildlife viewing, Meadowbrook Park gives prairie, creek-side and wooded views with the best spotting of wildlife.”

It is a great time to see the color on the trees anytime the sun is out. If people want to see wild life, get up early or be sure to be outside at sunset. “Early morning around dawn and later afternoon nearing twilight are the best times to see wildlife. To observe fall color any sunny day at any time is prime,” Miller said.

When hiking, be sure to be covid-19 safe.

On top of seeing beautiful fall color and wildlife, walking through park district parks and natural areas is good for the body and soul.

“We welcome everyone to enjoy our parks during the beautiful fall weather,” Miller concluded.


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