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Celebrate Wetlands in April!

March 22, 2023 04:08 PM

Wetlands are vital for the environmental health of central Illinois. Urbana Park District and other area districts are partnering to celebrate wetlands in April. 

Urbana Park District has two wetlands - at Weaver Park and on Perkins Road

Natural areas maintain ecosystem balance and build resilience to climate change. They provide "ecosystem services" like improving water and air quality by absorbing excess water and carbon dioxide. Management of natural areas promotes biodiversity by providing habitats and resources critical for supporting a wide variety of plants and wildlife.

The beauty and diversity of natural areas is inspiring. Observing wildlife, walking outside, and other interactions with nature are proven to improve human health and well-being. Natural spaces offer a variety of social, mental, and physical benefits. These include stress reduction, lower blood pressure, decreased depression and anxiety, and relief from the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Be sure to visit a wetland site this coming month and take part in several fun activities. To find out more about wetlands or to see what you can do to help wetlands thrive, call David at Anita Purves Nature Center at (217) 367-1544.

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